Private Label Lip Balms is one of the internet’s top rated suppliers of private label lip balms. For over a decade and a half, we’ve stocked exclusive organic beauty boutiques and delivered low-priced high quality products to thousands of individual customers. We can handle orders of any size, and we pride ourselves on using environmentally friendly, all natural ingredients.

Our private label lip balms offer an array of health benefits. The emollient oils and essential fatty acids in our products can help speed up the healing of dry, cracked lips. We also pack in plenty of organic moisturizing agents – as well as certified organic shea butter, hi-oleic sunflower oil, and carnauba wax – to ensure long lasting protection against the elements.

What else distinguishes the organic private label lip balms sold exclusively here at from other similar products on the market?


First off, we use ONLY USP-grade beeswax – the purest grade out there. (Most of our competitors use lower-grade non-USP certified beeswax.) Second, we don’t add in synthetic preservatives – yet our products boast an extraordinary shelf life because they contain all-natural agents that prevent spoilage. Third, we never perform animal testing on our products.


Finally, we’re so confident in the quality of both our private label lip balms and our artwork and packaging that we offer a guarantee to beat any written quote from our competitors. Please see for details, or contact us to order at or 248-246-6391. We’re open Monday through Friday, 9 am through 5 pm.

Discover yummy, low-priced, organic private label lip balms today, available in practically any flavor the palate can imagine, including pineapple, cinnamon, orange-cherry, chocolate, and strawberry.


Feel Free to Call Us or Email Lip Balm King with Any Other Questions You May Have on our Lip Balms.